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The Museums of Grasse have two documentation centres which can be visited by appointment, from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The Museum of the Art and History of Provence collection focuses in particular to archaeology, ceramics, regional history and the Fragonard family. It includes approximately 25,000 books, 50 current subscriptions, 25,000 engravings, a photo library of old photographs and eighteenth-century archives.

The International Perfume Museum collection contains 39,000 books and journals on bottle-making, the history of perfume and cosmetics, techniques, botanical studies, olfaction, taste, etc. A dozen current subscriptions, documentary files and a digital library (approximately 90,000 shots) round out this collection.

MAHP : documentation.mahp@paysdegrasse.fr ou 04 92 60 96 95
MIP : documentation.mip@paysdegrasse.fr 04 97 05 58 12

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International Perfume Museum
21 July 2014 / 07h15
Le Musée International de la Parfumerie valorise à travers son exposition d’hiver, la candidature du Pays de Grasse au Patrimoine Culturel Immatériel de la France, puis de l’Humanité pour « Les...
International Perfume Museum
21 July 2014 / 13h15
International Perfume Museum
21 July 2014 / 13h30
Les lieux industriels de la parfumerie à Grasse de 1800 à 1950.
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International Perfume Museum
18 September 2017 / 11h15
Le fonds documentaire du centre de documentation du MIP est en cours d'informatisation. Ont déjà été traités les fonds : Littérature , Biographies , Arts graphiques. Sont en cours de traitement l’...