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For those wishing to run an olfactory or gustatory workshop within their structure (museum, school, association, recreation centre, etc..), we offer teaching kits containing "the raw materials for perfumery" and "tastes and aromas in perfumery".
The kits include illustrated datasheets, fragrant raw materials, blotters, essences or absolutes (or flavourings in the case of the "tastes and aromas in perfumery" kit), a world map to locate the source of the raw materials, a collection of poems on perfume and documentation on the use of perfumery for the teacher. 

In addition to the above documents, you will also receive a DVD-ROM containing videos presenting the techniques used in perfumery, a full documentation of the themes of the museum (history of perfumery, techniques and industry, challenges of contemporary perfumery) and finally an enhanced bibliography.

Duration of the loan: 2 months
Participation fee: 15€ per kit
Shipping: 14€
The cost of returning the kit is borne by the borrower

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