Association for the Promotion of the International Perfume Museum

 Inaugurated in 1989, the International Perfume Museum presents both the past memory and future potential of the flagship industry of Grasse. It is broadly supported by the perfumery profession, including both industrialists from Grasse and the great French and foreign perfume houses, which have provided outstanding support for the creation and enrichment of museum collections.


    The energetic involvement of these perfume professionals rapidly led to the creation of an association of friends of the Museum. "Societies of Friends" are indispensable to museum health. Among its missions, A.R.M.I.P. serves as a structure for receiving sponsorship from companies and business.


    The International Association for Support of the International Perfume Museum (A.I.A.M.I.P) was founded in July 1990, with Francis Huré as its first president (1990), followed by Henri Sozio (June 1991/1992).

    From June 1992 to December 1995, this position was held by Ivan Coste-Manière.


    In 1997, the association was renamed A.R.M.I.P. (Association for International Promotion of the Museum). Successive presidents were, from December 1995 to February 2004, Thérèse Roudinitska, and from 2004 to the present, Jean-Claude Ellena, exclusive perfumer for the House of Hermès.


    The association currently counts two hundred members, including perfume professionals (active and retried), companies and private individuals who put their skill, expertise and relations at the service of the Museum.


    Both player and partner, A.R.M.I.P. generates a heritage through the contribution of members and volunteers who participate in the following areas:

  - Identification and study of collections: inventory assistance, dissertations on the history of the tangible and intangible industrial heritage.

  - Preservation of the cultural heritage: donations of technical materials, objects and perfume archives which were initially programmed to be destroyed.

  - Development of guided tours, introductory perfume creation workshops, conferences and exhibitions in the Museum, as well as elsewhere in France and in foreign countries.

  - In collaboration with DRAC (Regional Department of Cultural Affairs) and ARS (Regional Health Agency): interventions at the Grasse Hospital Centre.

  - DRAC and SPIP (Penitentiary and Probation Service): interventions in prison.


    To expand the International Perfume Museum's scope of influence, A.R.M.I.P. has initiated highlighting of the cultural heritage through:

  - The organisation of colloquiums and theme days such as "One Day, One Plant" and "One Day, One Taste"

  - "Thursdays at the MIP"

  - Lectures for "Heritage Days"

  - A digital creation contest during the Paul Poiret summer exhibition (with a €1500 prize)

  - Various cultural outings in France and other countries.


    A.R.M.I.P. continues to actively support the Museum and its team through financial assistance for the:

  - Creation of furnishings and room files for the Museum's permanent collections

  - Creation of 3D (perspective) layouts for discovering the Museum

  - Ticketing installations for the Paul Poiret exhibition.


    A.R.M.I.P. also participated in the updating of the olfactory preamble (films, projector and screen) and in the lighting of the new exhibition room.


    Through its sponsorship actions, A.R.M.I.P. contributes to enriching Museum collections through numerous acquisitions of perfume items, posters and advertising materials, bottles and books (recently, "Le Pierrot" with its case and "La Rose de Rosine" with its box for the 2013 exhibition dedicated to Paul Poiret, and a beautiful book on "French Perfumery and the Art of Presentation" published in 1925).

    A.R.M.I.P. donates these items to the city through an agreement.


  If you love perfume, join us by becoming a member of A.R.M.I.P.

Jean Claude Ellena, President of ARMIP

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