Objet phare des musées de Grasse

Museum of Art and History of Provence


05 June 2014 / 17h00


18th century - walnut

Museum of the Art and History of Provence - donation by Baron du Noyer

Inv. 2012.0.2366

After an austere 17th century, the 18th century cultivated shapes which were sometimes lopsided, with curves and counter-curves, floral decoration and basins which decorated cupboards, dressers and sideboards. Parisian fashions were interpreted with brio.

This cradle from the family of Maximin Isnard in Grasse is a handsome example of local carpentry work, with its olive-branch decoration. It bears the monogram "H.I.". According to family tradition, it was made for Honoré Maximin Isnard, born in 1758 and the brother of the Convention member.