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Museum of Art and History of Provence

Late Chalcolithic period - ceramic

05 June 2014 / 16h45

Bell-shaped Goblets

Late Chalcolithic period - ceramic

Museum of the Art and History of Provence - Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey, Saint Anne

Inv. 97 130 - 97 131

The Museum's archaeological collections come essentially from ancient diggings or from the accidental discovery of tombs, sinkholes and caves in the eastern Provence area.

They cover a large period ranging from the Palaeolithic era (600,000 B.C.) to the Middle Ages (15th century). Megaliths, tombs and votive funerary deposits have yielded numerous items of adornment, as well as tools and ceramics; they are interesting because of their varied shapes, which indicate a certain level of technical know-how.

Discovered in the late nineteenth century by Casimir Bottin, these two goblets were found in a double grave. They feature a geometric decoration of horizontal stripes made using a comb with very fine square teeth.