Évènements des musées de Grasse

International Perfume Museum

Grasse: A Look at the 70s – A Photographic Exhibition

03 December 2016 / 11h30

For 50 years, Alain Sabatier has been exploring photographic images from a special point of view: that of a painter.
Born in 1945 in Grasse, from the age of 13 he wanted to be a painter. At school, he was encouraged in this direction by his teacher, the painter Georges Bard. However, it was colour photography that he gravitated to in 1959. This was quite an unusual step in an era when most photographers started out in black and white.  

The International Museum of Perfumery has organised from 2 December, 2016 - 15 March, 2017 an exhibition devoted to this artist and will display 70 of his photographs taken in Grasse in the 70s.

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