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Jean-Honoré Fragonard Villa-Museum

Marguerite GERARD The Song

05 June 2014 / 18h00

Marguerite Gérard

The Song

Ca. 1785 - oil on canvas

Louvre Museum – loan MNR 154 to Villa Musée Fragonard

Inv. D 1952. 1.1

Marguerite Gérard cultivated a calm, analytical world which highlighted well-rendered details, as well as landscapes and still lifes; she provided her audience, which reclaimed traditional values, with an antidote to Neoclassicism.

This work, which was also engraved by Henri Gérard under the same title, was assigned to the Louvre Museum by the Commission for Choosing Works of Art for the Artistic Recovery dated December 21, 1949.