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Jean-Honoré Fragonard Villa-Museum

Marguerite GERARD The Swaddled Cat

05 June 2014 / 18h00

Marguerite Gérard

The Swaddled Cat

1778 – etching

Villa Musée Fragonard – donation by F. Carnot

Inv. 2011.0.920

Around 1775, Marguerite Gérard, who was barely able to ready and write, moved into the house of her sister, Marie-Anne Gérard, who had been married to Jean-Honoré Fragonard for six years. She became Fragonard's pupil and learned to paint, draw and engrave. Fragonard undoubtedly corrected the drawings of his young pupil and introduced her to etching, which enabled her to proudly sign this first print in 1778: The Swaddled Cat.

In 1780, she began to collaborate with the master, as shown by the engravings which include the statement "painted by Fragonard and Miss Gérard", and the signing of several prints.