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Museum of Art and History of Provence

French-style gown

05 June 2014 / 17h00

French-style gown

17th century - fabric, cotton fabric

Museum of the Art and History of Provence - donation by Jourdan-Barry

Inv. 2010.0.2

The Museum's textile collection, which was initiated in 1920, represents a rich and homogeneous set of nearly 2,500 items, including apparel for men, women, adults and children, as well as accessories (hats, shoes, gloves, umbrellas, etc.), from the 17th to the 20th century. All items are from Provence and often from the Grasse region.

Because of the high quality of its pieces, the Jourdan-Barry fund is exceedingly remarkable and a tribute to the collector Pierre Jourdan-Barry. Originally from Marseille and a businessman specialized in ship brokering, Jourdan-Berry was attracted by all forms of art from a very young age and put together exceptional collections which are among our era's most important. This group, which comes from the Marseille region as well as from Mons (Var department), where part of the Jourdan-Barry family originated, was donated shortly after the creation of the Museum by Théodore Jourdan-Barry and was later supplemented by his widow.

This French-style dress, made of a short jacket and an off-white cotton skirt, is decorated with floral and plant patterns in bouquets embroidered with chain-stitching using polychrome wool threads. It is edged with narrow ruffles.