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Museum of Art and History of Provence


05 June 2014 / 17h00


18th century - faïence from Marseille, Veuve Perrin workshop

Museum of the Art and History of Provence - donated by the Viscount of Noailles

Inv. 2012.0.2253

Starting in the 18th century, new faïence factories were established in Marseille and became serious competitors of the establishment headed by Antoine Clérissy at Saint-Jean-du-Désert, which until then had a quasi-monopole. These new faïence workers – first Claude Fauchier towards 1711, followed by Claude Perrin and Louis Leroy – diversified shapes and introduced low-temperature firing and polychromy. When Claude Perrin died suddenly in 1748, Pierrette Candelot, his wife, took charge of the faïence factory

This tureen is marked on the bottom and inside the lid with the intertwining initials "VP", the mark of the woman who would henceforth be known as "Veuve Perrin" (Widow Perrin).