Reopening new displays at the International Perfume Museum

International Perfume Museum

Created in the historic centre of Grasse in 1989, the International Museum of Perfumery has benefitted from an
ambitious project begun in 1998. It reopened its doors in October 2008 incorporating the Hotel de Pontevès townhouse
which was built just before the French Revolution. Ten years later, in the light of the comments of our visitors and
the feedback from our daily experience, we proposed a review of the route and museography in its entirety by focusing our
displays on areas organised chronologically around the great eras - Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, modern times,
19th century, 20th and 21st centuries which can be explored diachronically if so desired.
So that the museum will not close, the work will take place in two periods: 1st quarter of 2018, with the new rooms opening
this summer, and a second phase in 2019.

What’s New for 2018!​

From the beginning of your visit, we plunge you into the substance of the subject with the creation of a new fun and
educational area at the entrance of the museum with the theme: «How do We Make Perfume Today? From the Plant to
the Finished Product».
Then, during your tour of the permanent exhibition, you will be able to explore the renovated rooms with exhibits from
Antiquity to the Middle Ages located on the 1st floor of the Hotel Pontevès. A completely redesigned museum which
sheds new light on the perfume industry during this period. New interactive museum devices contextualise the collections
on display and enable an expansion of the presentation to the five senses: videos, projections, interactive terminals, olfactory
and tactile points.
Note that the rooms offer people with visual impairments, a suitable route using specially designed materials.

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Reopening new displays at the International Perfume Museum
Friday, 29 June, 2018