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in 2019, MIP is reinventing itself

Friday 21 June 2019


In 2019, MIP is reinventing itself... to shed new light on perfumery with three spacious new emblematic areas in the Museum and its permanent exhibition, concerning the period from the Renaissance to the 21st century. Six months of major works will do full justice to these contemporary themes in perfumery.
During these works, scheduled from January to June 2019, MIP will remain open to the public in part. On entering the Museum, you will be able to visit a didactic exhibition on the art of perfume-making today. Then, after going through the Museum’s main gallery and the greenhouse, you can discover recently renovated rooms in Hôtel Pontevès dedicated to Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
To prolong your visit, we invite you to go to the Museum of Provençal Art & History (a 2-minute walk away) to see a selection of 18th to 21st-century artefacts from MIP before our Museum’s complete reopening on 20 June 2019.


Admission fee during works: €4 including MIP, Museum of Provençal Art & History and Villa Jean-Honoré Fragonard Museum
(check Practical Information for opening hours):

La fabuleuse histoire de l'Eau de Cologne (The fabulous history of Eau de Cologne)

Friday 21 June 2019

La fabuleuse histoire de l'Eau de Cologne (The fabulous history of Eau de Cologne)

21 June 2019 – 05 January 2020

The International Museum of Perfumery is organising for summer 2019 an exhibition devoted to Eau de Cologne, with the scientific and financial support of ARMIP. Crossing centuries since its creation in 1709, Eau de Cologne is today an essential part of perfumery, a real style exercise which all perfumers take on, adding their personal touch. Its hesperideous notes of citrus and rosemary make it refreshing, tonic, dynamic and light.

Of all perfumes, Eau de Cologne has an obvious, readable olfactory structure, which everyone can understand, enshrined over the years and in the history of perfumery. It is a highly technical perfume which is yet very simple to produce, which does not mean that it is easy to make. It plays with the dandy, the aristocrat, the punk, the banker, the worker and the bourgeois. It has no type and covers all social strata.


2 boulevard du jeu de Ballon
06130 Grasse - Tel.: +33 (0)4 97 05 58 11
Pay Car Park: Cresp - La Foux

Full-rate: €6



Saturday 18 May 2019

La nuit Européenne des musées : Samedi 18 mai de 19h à 23h

Musée International de la Parfumerie
Dès 19h00 : les visiteurs pourront déambuler librement dans les salles du musée pour découvrir leur nouvelle scénographie.
A 20h00 : Concert Parfumé par Laurent Assoulen dans l’auditorium du MIP (inscription obligatoire).
Puis de 21h00 à 23h00 : des visites guidées des espaces en cours d’aménagement seront également proposées.

Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Provence
De 18h00 à 22h00 : Ateliers par les élèves du lycée de Croisset.
De 19h30 à 23h00 : Visite guidées avec deux clownsTussie et Bombyx

Entrée gratuite. Informations : 04 97 05 58 14 -

Figures libres : flânerie aux jardins from 26 April to 30 September 2019

Friday 26 April 2019

Figures libres : flânerie aux jardins (Free Figures: A Stroll in the Gardens) from 26 April 30 September 2019

The Gardens of the International Museum of Perfumery welcome eleven contemporary artists, driven by a shared reflection on nature and perfumery. Colourful, fun installations, sometimes interactive, punctuate the gardens and deliver messages in harmony with the environment, as fundamental as it is fragile. Land Art plant sculptures blending perfectly into nature, monumental installations playing with scale and blurring our perceptions invite the visitor to a recreational and cultural stroll. Each work, in its distinct style and well-defined position, creates a varied and rhythmic whole throughout the floral plots of the garden, inviting strollers to explore the location to the full. We wish that through this exhibition every one may look with fresh eyes at these beautiful natural surroundings and explore the role of art in this verdant setting.

979 chemin des Gourettes,
06370 Mouans-Sartoux - France
Tél. : +33 (0)
Free parking

Full-rate: €4


Wednesday 6 February 2019

The International Museum of Perfumery

Established in 1989, this museum, the only one of its kind in the world, has embedded itself in the iconic region of the town of Grasse, cradle of the luxury perfumery initiated in France. Dedicated to one of the most prestigious traditional French activities, the International Museum of Perfumery, a public establishment with the “Musée de France” label, enables visitors to explore the history and peculiarities of the craft of manufacturers and the great houses of perfumery. A true testament of the history of civilisations and techniques relating to the use of scents, the museum takes an anthropological approach to the history of fragrances in all their aspects, raw materials, industry, design; as well as its uses in a wide variety of forms - decorative arts, archaeological evidence and industrial materials.
Welcome to the world of perfume...
In 2018, the International Museum of Perfumery celebrated its 10th anniversary of its renovation and extension with, in June, the opening of the new rooms from Antiquity to the Middle Ages located on the 1st floor of the Hotel Pontevès, upgrading of the greenhouse, an update of the multimedia gallery and the creation of a new 150 m2 area devoted to an educational representation on the art of making a perfume today, from the plant to the finished product. In 2019, MIP is entering the 2nd stage of work with the creation of a new scenography for all historic areas from the Renaissance period to the 21st century. For these new spaces, guiding thread for visitors is about the development and progress of perfumery. The aim of this new project is to make the best of these contemporary and characteristic themes of perfumery. This restructuring of the permanent spaces is complemented by a new space for temporary exhibitions brought together so we can continue to offer regular immersions in the different worlds of perfumery.



Wednesday 6 February 2019



Established in 2007, the Gardens of the MIP became, in 2010, the conservatory of scented plants for the International Museum of Perfumery: a natural space bearing witness to the olfactory landscape related to local agriculture. Located at the foot of the aromatic city, these botanical gardens of 2.7 hectares offer a delightful and perfumed walk among the Provençal roses, jasmines, orange trees, tuberose, violets and many others. The perfumes are, first of all, born in the plants, from here or abroad. In the unique setting of the Gardens of the MIP, these species, which for centuries have supplied the precious raw materials for perfumery, can be discovered and smelled. At the same time, the Gardens provide a space for fields cultivated the old way, faithfully reconstructed and maintained as naturally as possible. An opportunity to come upon a flora and fauna preserved in all its riches.
Welcome to the world of scented plants…